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China - "Tiananmen Anniversy" - 1989, government corruption protesters run over with tanks, some still imprisoned (May 2009)

Chinese citizens who 'remember' risk being arrested. China's state owned news media also doesn't 'remember'. Newer generations unaware of their nation's history.


"Tiananmen Now Seems Distant to China's Students

Published: May 21, 2009

BEIJING — On April 30, the cellphones of the 32,630 students at Peking University, a genteel institution widely regarded as one of China's top universities, buzzed with a text message from the school administration. It warned students to "pay attention to your speech and behavior" on Youth Day because of a "particularly complex" situation.

Few students had to puzzle over the meaning. Youth Day, on May 4, commemorates a 1919 student protest against foreign imperialism and China's weakness in resisting it. Seventy years later, in 1989, students from Peking University were again massing in the center of Beijing, dem


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