A Look Back in History - RAF Instruction Film - Gun Turret Drill

*Long Video* This is a film from an archive of old military films that anglosaxonwarlord and myself procured about three years ago or so. This film deals with the Air gunners of the Royal Air Force using the Fraser-Nash Turret - it will speak for itself. It's a long film and aimed more at the cognoscenti and admirers of the genre. Although, it may be of interest to LiveLeakers from around the world who had relatives who flew in these planes during this period this period and used this equipment. They probably would have sat and watched this very vid.....

Seeing the air gunners clambering through the airframe to get into their positions is sobering especially when he describes the importance of the turret door not being latched correctly and of the freezing temperatures, it sends shudders up your spine when you recall stories of rear gunners covered in ice and being battered by gale force winds because the door's came open (from 17:24+ 'mistakes if you don't remember your gun turret drill').

I hope new LiveLeakers who've never seen these early vids of ours enjoy these old military vids. We've got some real classics; The RAF in the 1940's, The Royal Naval and The National Coal Board of the 1930's and 40's.

if you can't spare the time, dip in and out.

(if it's not your thing you are strongly advised to give it a miss)


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