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US Troops dying for Liars?

(3 1/2 min) US Soldiers are told they are fighting so American Freedom can be preserved. They're told they fight to uphold the US Constitution for United State of America citizens. They are told they are fighting to make the world a better place. Well, if my case is common, I say that soldiers are laying their lives down for nothing, but a bunch of lying liars lining their pockets, who don't care how many soldier corpses they step over, or for how many are illegally detained, tortured, and killed.

A man coming home from the Navy was reading my blogs on Connecticut State Police misconduct. A mentally challenged daughter of a State Police Officer made a false complaint against him for not being interested in her sexually. So, the Navy man faced prison for his false arrest and for pressing the a police misconduct complaint over the issue. He thanked me for my help, telling me as long as

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By: SvenVonErick
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