World shocked: ISIL denied death of Deso Dogg

After reports about the retarded Rap-Gangster Deso Dogg, ISIL denied today the death of Deso Dogg. "The news, that Abu Talha al-Almani was killed in the region Barakah because a sucide bomber is false", said Jihadists from Germany who are still in contact with Deso Dogg. It is a confusion, that Dogg was killed, because the german was in an other region during the sucide bombings. "But an other brother became a martyr with the name Abu Talha al-Almani", said the Jihadists to "Welt"-Online (German newspaper). "But he was from Mexico!", they said. German secret agencies searching for other indications, that other german jihadists were killed because the suicide bombings on sunday.