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'Guinness World Records' for the world's oldest cocktail.

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In August, the world-renowned bartender Salvatore Calabrese was in tears, when one of his clients dropped a bottle of "Clos de Griffier Vieux 'from 1788 and valued at 80,000 dollars.

The other day could Calabrese smile again as he broke the record in the 'Guinness World Records' for the world's oldest cocktail.

In front of an expectant audience at The Playboy Club in Mayfair, mixed he among other things, a cognac from 1788 with a liqueur from 1770 and although especially one of the bottles teased, they managed to finish, creating cocktail 'Salvatore's Legacy', at a cost of 50,000 dollars glass.

Salvatore Calabrese used the following ingredients for his record-cocktail:
40 milliliters 1788 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac.
20 milliliters 1770 Kummel Liqueur.
20 milliliters 1860 Dubb Orange Curacao.
2 splash Angostura Bitter from the beginning of 1900.

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