South Osseia Recogntition for Donetsk and Lughansk Republics

South Ossetia recognize the outcome of the referendum on the independence of the People’s Republic of Lugansk and ready to adopt a constructive solution to the LC, said on June 16, South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov .

In the name of Leonid Tibilova and parliament speaker Stanislav Kochieva received a petition with the Supreme Council of the LC to take a decision on the recognition of the People’s Republic of Lugansk independent sovereign state. As reported by a REGNUM in the press service of the President andthe government, received treatment, the President held a meeting with the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Speaker of Parliament and other officials.

“During the meeting, were tasked to study the issue in each area of the state for making decisions based on future actions of the legislative and executive branches of government”, – the press-service.Leonid Tibilov expressed willingness to accept constructive decision in connection with the received treatment. “Respecting the will of the people’s Republic of Lugansk, guided by the universally recognized normsof international law, the Republic of South Ossetia recognized the results of the referendum and is ready to adopt a constructive solution”, – quotes the president’s press service.