General David Petraeus on "enhanced interrogation" and "Gitmo".... "Chickenhawk Dick" will not be pleased.

David Gregory probably didn't get quite the response he was expecting out of Gen. David Petraeus after basically asking him if he wished they could be torturing the recently captured Taliban figure, Abdul Baradar.

Petraeus, being an actual soldier and the former Commanding General of the Multi-National Force in Iraq is ridiculously more qualified to speak on this issue than draft-dodging chicken-hawk, Dick Cheney.

Despite having received 5 medical deferments (born without testicles) during the Vietnam conflict, Cheney is notorious for his tough pro-war, pro-torture stance..... as well as his ability to survive multiple heart attacks and show up at Popeye's eating a bucket of catfish nuggets a week later.

Gen. Petraeus also sets the record straight on his agreement that Gitmo should be closed.

Some portions of this interview may be unintelligible to birthers, tea-baggers, neocons, FoxNews viewers and other assorted slack-jawed yokels, due to the fact that the General uses words like, "prudent, legal, pragmatic" and worst of all "sensible."