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Morons / Idiots who are pulling pranks .

I am so tired of the MTV mentally morons / idiots who are pulling pranks on the Police as well as people.

I wrote the below when I saw it on youtube:

I will first pre-qualify my statement by saying we as a country have way to many laws. There are to many laws on the books , and many of them are out dated and need to be looked at and removed.

With that said , there needs to be a law that lets the officers charge these the morons / idiots who are pulling these pranks. These morons / idiots are intentionally provoking these officers and then filming the whole thing. Then they say they are filming for their own protection, really moron. Your protection or to put the video on youtube for a few hits. These are probably the same morons who ended up supporting the Occupy Wall Street idiots

And the fact there is an advertiser before the video just proves my point , t

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By: cajunmojo
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