War criminal: Yatsenyuk fought in Chechnya against Russian forces

Yatsenyuk fought in Chechnya in First Chechen War against the Russians, he tortured and executed several Russian soldiers

He was members of the detachment Ukrainian nationalists, and he received the Medal from Dudayev.

The Coroner's Office Investigative Committee of Russia came to the conclusion that the current Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the mid 90s in Chechnya fought against the Russian army.


This was announced president of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrikin:

"It was established that Yatsenyuk participated in at least two armed conflicts in Chechnya, fighting with chechen terrorists against Russian soldiers - December 31, 1994 and in February 1995. It was also found that Yatsenyuk participated in the torture and executions of captured bell tower Russia in Grozny, on Orthodox Christmas 1995 ".


Bastrikinovim According to him, the Ukrainian Prime Minister in December 1995- and since then Chechen president Dzhokhar Dudaeva received the highest award of his regime - the Medal of Honor of the nation, just for the liquidation of Russian troops.

Yatsenyuk against the Russians fought in the first part of the unit / detachment "Argo" and then under the banner of the "Viking".


So far, Kiev regime doesn't deny or agree with this.