Another Libtard False Flag - Libtard MP Jo Cox

Who's responsible for the killing of Libtard MP Jo Cox? Libtard media said it's the patriotic Britain First movement. Complete bullshit!
It's clear and easy case. It's typical Libtard inside job. Those bastards routinely kill their own in order to blame their political rivals.
It's time to start training for the inevitable conflict and even a possible war with the hordes of Islamic and African invaders and their domestic Libtard patrons who want to make a Europe to be a new Caliphate.
In the same period when the members Libtard mafia organized another false flag operation intended to blame it on their political opponents, activists of the patriotic Britain First movement held the very first “Activist Training Camp” in the mountains of Snowdonia.
We all need to learn the words of heroic Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who stand up vs Libtards and their brainwashing media:
1. We need to be ready to fight!
2. We need to protect our borders!
3. We have to send Islamic and African invaders back, where they came from!


By: Grim T (799.90)

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Location: United Kingdom