Another Pedophile Democrat Charged With Sexual Assault of a Child tries to suppress evidence...

Getting hard to find information on another democrat pedophile in government. MSNBC has completely remove the story from their website, they failed to mention he was a democrat anyway...

Becker files motion to suppress statements

RACINE - The former mayor now facing charges for possession of child pornography and attempted sexual assault of a child is due in court next week.

Gary Becker, 52, was arrested at Brookfield Square Mall in January, where he was allegedly planning to meet a 14-year-old girl, following an Internet sting that grew out of a city tech services worker's repair of Becker's personal computer. Becker was mayor at the time and had reportedly asked the city worker to fix his personal machine. During the repair process, the worker discovered alleged child pornography and turned the information over to law enforcement.

The charges against Becker have already been separated into two groups. The misconduct in public office charge - from the alleged request for city staff to repair a personal machine - will be tried separately from the sex-related charges, which include attempted sexual assault of a child, child enticement and possession of child pornography.

Defense attorney Patrick Cafferty filed a motion last week to suppress statements Becker allegedly made to police the day of his arrest. The motion did not outline any particular statements the defense is challenging.

The state filed a motion last month to introduce additional evidence of prior questionable contact if the case goes to trial - that Becker had previously brought his personal computer to city staff for repair and the contents of additional photographs and chat transcripts found on his computer. The photographs and chat transcripts have been sealed by the court.

The case comes back before Racine County Circuit Court Judge Stephen Simanek on Oct. 13, for a status conference where dates are likely to be scheduled to hear testimony on the motions.