Babysitter, Passes Out Drunk On Porch, Child Freezes In Her Lap

She may find it funny, but being caught passed out at 1.25 am on a stranger's back porch in freezing weather holding a two-year-old toddler with urine soaked shorts is no laughing matter.

Deputies in Volusia County, Florida agreed and charged Candace Long, 28, with child neglect after she was found with the shivering child near a home on Daytona Beach.

The stunned owner of the property phoned the police and when deputies arrived they found the woman extremely inebriated - unable to remember where she had came from or who the young boy with no shoes on with her was.

Tom Fordham called deputies when he saw the barefoot 2-year-old boy in Long's arms as temperatures hovered around 33 degrees.

'The little kid, he's just... a little tike, maybe 5, 6 years old, and he's not dressed for this weather,' Fordham told dispatchers.

In their report, deputies said that on their arrival, Long was incoherent and also muttering that she was drunk because it was her birthday.

They noted she had a wound to her right eye - but Long could not tell them how she hurt herself.

The child was examined by doctors and declared to be fine - despite its exposure to the unseasonal low temperatures in Florida brought on by the polar vortex in the north.

Concerned, they eventually discovered that the child's family lived only a couple of blocks away and that Long had been asked to watch the child while the boy's father ran errands.

Long denies that she was ever asked to specifically watch the toddler according to WFTV.Com

Regardless, family members told deputies that Long did not have permission to leave the house with the boy.

As she was led away by deputies, Long stumbled and fell into a fence bordering the back porch and she had to be grabbed by officers.

Long was arrested on charges of child neglect, deputies said. She's being held on $2,000 bond and is not allowed to have any contact with the child.

'It's not every day that you walk outside and see a little kid on your porch, so as far as being worried, I was concerned,' said Fordham.