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Glenn Beck - James Von Brunn is LEFT WING, not RIGHT WING

I am curious if this suspect attended Reverend Wrights church too, since he shares the same views as the good Reverend about Jewish people.

Do not allow the socialist media to lie to you about this shooting. They will claim that this man was a right wing racist and a white supremacist. I claim he is a Jew hating, National Socialist (NAZI) just like Hitler, Reverend Wright and Ahmadinejad.

Notice that I mentioned Ahmadinejad? I did that for a reason and here it is. This man allegedly shared the same views as Hitler and Ahmadinejad. Today's radical Marxist progressive movement embrace and protect the radical Islamic movement any chance they can. Hey wait...didn't Hitler and the Muslims form an alliance during WWII?

So, if you look closely, you can see that this actually goes full cir

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