Glenn Beck - James Von Brunn is LEFT WING, not RIGHT WING

I am curious if this suspect attended Reverend Wrights church too, since he shares the same views as the good Reverend about Jewish people.

Do not allow the socialist media to lie to you about this shooting. They will claim that this man was a right wing racist and a white supremacist. I claim he is a Jew hating, National Socialist (NAZI) just like Hitler, Reverend Wright and Ahmadinejad.

Notice that I mentioned Ahmadinejad? I did that for a reason and here it is. This man allegedly shared the same views as Hitler and Ahmadinejad. Today's radical Marxist progressive movement embrace and protect the radical Islamic movement any chance they can. Hey wait...didn't Hitler and the Muslims form an alliance during WWII?

So, if you look closely, you can see that this actually goes full circle

A few details....

Karl Marx was really a German, not a Russian.

Hitler was a SOCIALIST, but the progressive insurgents like to label him a fascist. Why? Well, they want the word socialist cleansed for purposes of deception.

Hitler and Stalin were BOTH socialists and they even had a pact of unity. Stalin took food from the mouths of the Ukrainian people and he gave it to the Nazi's on the front line. I am sure that your Marxist professor never told you that story or the one that said Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler did.

Obama's pastor Rev. Wright has said many antisemitic statements in the past, so I guess he is a right wing extremist? Would Hussein Obama ever associate with a right wing extremist? No, he would not, because much of the far left is the same as the far right...they are evil and race means everything to them.

Rev. Wright is the most racist pastor that I have ever seen and that is not a man of the cloth. That is pure hate and he has the right to speak it and I have the right to speak the truth.

Obama is the most anti-Israeli president that we have ever had in this country. He even states in his book that he would side with the Palestinians if there ever was a major conflict. So, this once again proves the antisemitic link between the radical Marxist left and their hate for the Jews.

The American Jews try to side with the very same people that hate them, because of guilt and stupidity. It is suicide for them to try and appease the very same people that wants to destroy them. Obama, Rev. Wright, Louis Farakhan and so on see the Jews as the enemy, because they have all of the money according to their twisted Marxist minds.

Obama is now following the foot steps of Hitler by trying to align with Iran against Israel. President Obama even mentioned that Israel must accept Iran's right to have nuclear power and a bomb even if it is a grave threat to the Israeli people. So we are once again seeing the alliance between a National Socialist and a radical Muslim just like Hitler did in WWII with the Grand Mufti.

Iran's leader is also a Holocaust denier, the same as the suspect that was arrested for this evil and hateful attack on a security guard. My thoughts are with the family of this hero.

The hard core Darwinists are never mentioned, but they are haters of GOD. If you do not believe, then that is your view, but when they hate God, you know that they are a servant of Satan here to destroy religious faith.

These Marxists ALL know damn well that a Marxist Revolution is near, but they deny it publicly with nervous laughter. They are saboteurs and haters of freedom...

Their dream of a Marxist America is nearing and they feel tremendous momentum after the election of their leader Barack Hussein Obama.

This crime is being portrayed as a right wing attack, but it was really a left wing attack. You just need to look under the bullshit a little more closely.

German Socialism, Russian Socialism, Obama Socialism....

What if they all turn out THE SAME?


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