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Giant Turtle Airship Concept is the Green Gadgety Transport of the Future

According to the Spain-based Turtle Airships, the future of green travel lies with a solar-powered airship that is shaped like a giant turtle. But the Splinter-approved concept is so awesome that it is somewhat hard to believe it will come true.

The Turtle Airship is supposed to fly on a solar-powered panel grid during the day and switch to a bio-diesel at night, take off and land using a vector thrust, and even take on water ballast. This would allow any Turtle airship to be used for humanitarian missions anywhere (even a water-logged area). The ship's creator claims that this will be one of the main ways his ship will be used for when it's ready to go.

But how will it go up? It is supposed to use some helium for the flight, but Turtle Airships intends to 'manufacture and use Ammonia as a lifting gas, and to develop gradual use and acceptance of hydrogen for some applications.'

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Added: Jul-8-2008 
By: slither65
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