Terror attack in Finland (compilation)

Graphic video. Terror attack.
Turku, Finland.
A foreigner man attacked 9, killing 2 with a knife and a sword in Finland today. Most of the victims were women including a woman with a 1y/o in a pram. The attacker was yelling "allah akbar" (video). After stabbing one of the victims, bystanders chased the attacker and hit him with a baseball bat, after this, police shot the suspect in lower body and tazed him.Attacker is now in medical care. Police captured the man less than 10mins after the first 112 (911) call.
The police and borderguard immediately raised preparedness in Internation Airport and in several other public spaces.
The attack is not investigated as a terrorist attack, at the moment.



By: Kchuk (1.50)

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