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Majestic 12 (Roswell Crash) Deluxe

Beginning in July of 1947, flying machines not of this Earth were found crashed in the New Mexico desert. America’s vital strategic defenses had been compromised! Our nation’s most highly guarded weapons installations were suddenly vulnerable. New Mexico was home to advanced atomic bomb development under way at Los Alamos. Our first Strategic Air Command Bomber group, the 509th, had just gone operational at Roswell, and south of Roswell at White Sands Missile Range, our fledgling rocket design program was under way..
It was absolutely imperative for our national defense planners to determine if these crashed ‘alien’ vehicles, discovered near our nation’s most sensitive military installations, were the vanguard of an invading space armada! Desperate to find answers as quickly as possible, President Harry S. Truman assembled a team of his top advisors under strictest secre

Added: Oct-15-2010 
By: Harmon17
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