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17 yo American girl found biological parents in China

She was adopted by an American woman when she was 7 months old in Anhui, China. Now she is trying to learn Chinese language.

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"I think that the blood relationship between the birth parents and I can not let go, my heart would like to see them." Said this is American Chinese girl Laney Allison, she was very young American mother being from Ma On Shanhospital adoption (Xinan Evening News, May 21 has been reported). Yesterday, Laney the end of the month-long study of Chinese in Beijing, with his own mother came to Ma On Shan, and began tracing the journey.

The reporter saw the mother and child at a hotel in Ma On Shan.Talking about his wish, Laney full of feeling, "I was a bright child, childhood with her mother there are huge differences in the appearance of my mother is a single mother, she was very open-minded, when I just sensible , she told me how I came here from C

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