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Reza Khalili: A Time To Betray/CFSP:Shariah, The Threat To America/TSA muslim PC training

To many crucial points for me to list, just watch it..
(1 commercial, skip diverges slightly toward end)

mosques, islamic cultural centers in europe: recruitment centers, transfer cash and guns, etc.

ayatollah khomeini ok'd nuke bombs for islamic state: per koran, kill 1/3 of world via famine.chaos, 1/3 via war, and finish off the remaining infidels to establish islamic planet.



"This week’s edition of “Stakelbeck on Terror” gives us a glimpse into the world of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. In an interview with a CIA operative who worked undercover within the Guard, we learn how Islamists are using mosques in the U.S. to advance terrorism and jihad."

Stakelbeck on Terror | Inside Iran's Revolutionary Guards
Tuesday, December 14,

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