China cracks down Western NGO's in China which try to overthrow government

To prevent the penetration of foreign forces, the Central National Security Council ordered in China for foreign NGO (NGO) launched a comprehensive inventory.

Foreign NGO organizations in China, collecting state secrets, selling so-called democracy and freedom in an attempt to incite social unrest, manufacturing revolution to overthrow the Chinese government.

Program, said: "According to the unified deployment of the Central National Security Council in May 2014 to the end of July, to be a foreign NGO and its activities in China, conduct a nationwide comprehensive, thorough investigation, find out the base for the next lay the foundation for further strengthening standardized management. "

Permanent activities of local community groups, foundations, private non-enterprise units, including associations, societies, associations, research institutes (the center) and other non-governmental, non-profit organizations and other economic organizations registered in the business sector representatives of institutions, in-depth and meticulous combing investigation.