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Joe Scarborough’s Big Lie about Bachmann and ‘Default’

Joe Scarborough’s Big Lie about Bachmann and ‘Default’, more propagandist tripe lies from anti-American so-called "journalists"

By: Arlen Williams

Time and time again, throughout the present debt extension debacle, rational and historically informed people including the writers featured in Gulag Bound have explained how even a government shutdown would not mean a debt payment default by the United States federal government.
Throughout this time, U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann has lead the way.

But truth and reality did not keep Joe Scarborough from going hard, raving propagandist on Bachmann’s answer to a debt extension question during the Thursday, 8/11 GOP debate in Ames, Iowa. Scarborough, lowering himself to the levels of O’Donnell, Maddow, Matthews, Shultz, Ratigan, and Bashir, showed in spades the following morning, why

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