Rock Creek Park deer slaughter draws protest on coldest night in decades

At about 8 PM on Jan 6, an animal rights activist driving on Oregon Ave spotted Park Rangers and cops on the Rock Creek side. A park ranger said they were there to kill deer-and within 3 hours animal rights activists were out with a banner and whistles to warn off the deer.

Some referred to this "cull" of a species far less overpopulated than ourselves as a "hunt," but the USDA's hired killers are shooting tame deer over bait. Last time they did this, at almost the same time someone who tried to shoot one deer to eat was being prosecuted for poaching.

Activists drove around the area blowing car horns to warn deer to stay away. The following roads were reported closed by another activist, who patrolled the park for an hour and a half-Ridge Rd., Horse Stable Rd., Bingham Dr., Joyce Rd. and Sherrill Drive.

The cold was extreme and nobody at the protest reported hearing any shooting. With luck, either deer are not seeking the bait stations in the cold and/or the cold air was at least as hard on the shooting hands of the killers as it was on my hand with the camera. I can't "shoot" in heavy gloves, maybe they can't either?

The Park Service would also do well to remember that protesters they can see can mean there are also protesters they can't see, bellied up in the woods.

They hoped to outwit protesters by hunting on randomly picked nights anywhere between the beginning of January and the end of March, but that didn't work due to activsts shifting commuting patterns to patrol and monitor activity in and around Rock Creek Park