Orthodox Jew get hit by light rail in Jerusalem during anti IDF protest, another being dragged by female cops

The bunch of silly (ultra) Orthodox kept their anti IDF protest in Jerusalem for the second day, trying to block main streets and clash with police forces. They protest the arrests of some IDF deserters from their community.

One of them tried to block the light rail, didnt go so well... Another one got his ass kicked by couple of female cops of the Israel Police.

**** Btw, this bunch is exactly the one who Israel haters out there hails as "Anti Zionists,real Jews!" - Look at the bunch you adore, LOL! The citizens in Israel cant stand them - At 00:28 second vid, the (Jewish religious driver) tells the Orthodox guy he will fuck him if he will dare to approach his car once more...


By: aydeo (16609.08)

Tags: Orthodox,Jews,Protest,IDF,Jerusalem,Light rail,Female,Cops

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

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