Poroshenko: Ukraine and Russia are brothers!

In an interview with Ukrainian radio station "Ukrainian radio. First channel" the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made a sensational statement:

"The People of Russia and Ukraine are without a doubt great Slavic people, who in no way had to fight each other. Today my goal and objective is to resolve all disagreements between the brotherly people, to fix it."

Apparently, the leading Ukrainian radio station received an emotional shock, as the words of the President of Ukraine went into a promotional splash.

Read more here (automatic translation):

So it seems all the killing of ethnic Russian Ukrainians and all the destruction in Donbass was just a regrettable error. Uncle Porky loves you again if the Vodka is plentiful! It was not necessary to flee to Russia. Just go home and meet your loving Ukrainian brothers!

Translation: "Welcome home!"