Grand Jury resistors speak at Georgetown Law about refusing to snitch

Matthew Duran and Kteeo Olejnik are two of our "silent heroes" who
endured months in jail and 60 days in solitary confinement for refusing
to snitch to a grand jury investigating anarchists and Occupy activists
in and around Seattle. On the 30th of April they spoke at Georgetown Law
about what they endured to protect their community.

Will Potter of "Green is the New Red" moderated the discussion and Jennifer Kaplan (Kteeo's attorney) was also present.

Matt and Kteoo were sent to solitary as retaliation for their supporters
protesting outside the jail, but this backfired: they became furious
and wrote long statements to the judge vowing NEVER to give in and NEVER
to snitch. These statements were sucessfully used in court to argue
that their detention had become punitive rather than "cooercive," this
prohibiting any further confinement for "civil contempt" and bringing
about their release.