Muslims in germany - Jesus statue destroyed in Munich

Yesterday a 38 year old Turk destroyed a Jesus statue in Munich.

The turkish man was running around at the Sendlinger Tor with a big knife in his hand. Screaming like a maniac and suddenly running towards the Jesus statue. He pulled wildly on the statue till it fell of the cross. After that he kept on destroying the statue by ripping its arm off.

After the Jesus statue was destroyed he grabbed some flowerpots and threw them still screaming like a maniac at bypassing pedestrians. Its not reported what exactly he was screaming but i guess there was a lot of snackbaring involved. Later some police men arrested him.

The importand thing here is not what happend yesterday. It is what not happend today.

If something like this would happen to a mosque on the next day the Merkel and every fucking single politican in germany would give a speach against rassism and islamophobia. The News would explode and write for weeks about islamophobia. The leftwings would protest against ... well everyone who is not a libtard all over germany and burn a few cars and destroy some small businesses. But it was not a mosque. It was just a chistian symbol in a country where still 60% of all citicens are christians. So only a few newspapers wrote a few lines today and tomorrow its forgotten. No politican will only say one word about that.

We are ruled by self hating libtards, informed by a self hating media and who protests against that will be physically attacked by self hating left wing extremists.

Anyone knows a solution?