Journalist Hurls Death Threat At Woman On Egyptian(The Truth) Debate Show.

In light of Newruz, the Baha'i faith's New Year celebration, Egyptian channel Dream2 addressed the subject on its "al-Haqiqa" (The Truth) show. This debate, recorded on 28 March, is the result. The show is hosted by presenter Wael El-Ibrachi, the guests: a Baha'i follower, Basma Moussa (the woman), a farmer from the Baha'I village of Shoraniyyah (unseen in this extract), and journalist Gamal Abd Ar-Rahim. It was a few minutes before the end of the show that the debate turned sour.

Basma Moussa filed a complaint over the threats, for which Gamal Abd Ar-Rahim has since been questioned by the police.

Three days after the programme was aired, the homes of several Baha'i families in a rural village were burned down.

*Note*(I've subtitled it best i can)