Man arrested for allegedly raping a German woman in moving train

Chennai: A day after a German woman alleged that she was raped on a train while on her way to Chennai, the Railway Police has confirmed that the incident did take place.

The GRP has said that the 18-year-old woman was allegedly raped on January 10 on the Chennai-bound West Coast Express.

A young migrant labourer from Bihar who works in Chennai has been arrested in connection with the case.

According to the police, the woman and the man had shared the berth under the RAC quota (Reservation Against Cancellation). The man sexually assaulted the German national around midnight while she was asleep. Although the woman woke up during the alleged crime, she has told the police that she was too scared to raise alarm as other passengers too were asleep.

"We have arrested the man in Chennai and have registered a case of rape. The young lady took several days to muster courage to report to the police. She had first given a complaint to the Chennai Police Commissioner. Though it's too late for medical examination, we have handled the case in a very sensitive manner," Ms Seema Agarwal, Inspector General of Police, told NDTV.

The young woman had come to Chennai to be a volunteer with a non-profit organization.