Container with aid for "refugees" was full of weapons and ammunition

This is getting out of hand. Who's to say that this was the only transport, or how long would take for one of those transports to get in the hands of tens of thousands of "refugees"?
This pretty much what they said::

(1st man)
They found :
1 container with approximately 500.000 nine millimeter bullets
1 container with 4.500 maybe 5.000 shotguns like the ones police uses
2 containers with cigarettes
And they are still counting and opening containers.
They have arrested the crew and after the investigation is over they will be sent to the prosecutor.
The crew is consisted of both Syrians and Egyptians.

(2nd man)
The ship will be guarded by the special forces of the navy.
He can't say how many containers they found and generally he can't discuss this further yet.

(not my translation)

Ok, I managed to find more information regarding this bit of news - the silence of the mainstream media is deafening on this subject.
Five thousand shotguns and approximately 500,000 bullets were discovered by members of the Hellenic Coast Guard in two containers on a cargo ship off the port of Heraklion in Crete, Wednesday.

The cargo ship departed from the port of Iskenderun and was heading to the Libyan city of Misrata. However, the ship was immobilised south of Crete by the Patrol Open Sea Coast after information arrived from the intelligence service on Tuesday. Local authorities discovered two containers containing the weaponry.

Even so, this is getting extremely dangerous with all the "undocumented refugees" pouring in Europe.