Adelaide police investigating a frightening case of road rage

Adelaide police are investigating a frightening case of road rage in the city's northern suburbs.

A passing motorist captured the incident on video as a driver appeared to become agitated with a truck blocking his path on the Salisbury Highway.

The man, driving a white sedan, followed the truck for at least 3km and then swerved in front of the truck and stopped in its path.

He then got out of his car and verbally abused the truckie as well as striking the cabin's door.

The truck managed to squeeze past the car and drive off, but the man climbed back into his car and gave chase.

He again managed to stop the truck by the roadside, and reversed his car onto a 90 degree angle block its path.

The driver, wearing a bright-yellow shirt, again gets out of his car and continues to scream at the truckie before climbing up to the vehicle's window and throwing punches.

"Get out! Get out!" he repeatedly yells.

Unable to make the truck driver exit the cabin, he takes his anger out on the truck itself, kicking the front of the vehicle.

The man filming the incident then comes to the assailant's attention, as the crazed man approaches his car.

"The guy's nuts," the cameraman can be heard saying on his mobile phone.

"The guy's coming to me now, I've got my daughter in the car … I'm just going to run him over."

He then speeds off as the man comes within metres of his car.

Police are attempting to locate the people involved.