ISIS in control of the 121st Artillery Regiment in Hasaka

On 26 July 2014, ISIS captured the 121st Artillery Regiment in the Hasaka governorate, several days after capturing the adjacent village of Al-Khama'il, clearing the last bastions of SAA resistance on 27 July. Located 5 miles south of Hasaka city, the regiment is one of the largest military bases in northern Syria. ISIS Fighters from Uzbekistan made a major contribution in this battle. ISIS also captured the nearby grain and cotton depots, which contained a significant portion of the grain harvest that was bought by the regime in Hasaka two months ago.

The YPG did not step in to prevent the base from falling in the hands of ISIS, although they launched minor attacks on ISIS positions south of Hasaka city. After losing the base, the regime handed over a number of its remaining local strongholds to the YPG, most notably the electrical substation ,the juvenile prison, and the Panorama roundabout checkpoint which serves as the southern entrance to Hasaka city.

Pictures show the aftermath of the battle and some of the spoils of war captured by ISIS.

Link to a map of the area: