Radio transmissions of sheriff's officers deciding to burn Chris Dorner out of the cabin.

At 29:30 of the first file you here them decide to "go with the burn"
While law enforcement officials scoured the hillsides above Big Bear Tuesday searching for Christopher Dorner, wardens from California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife were called in to patrol the rugged terrain of California 38.

It was on that highway that the officers first encountered Dorner fleeing in a stolen car, engaging the fugitive in a white-knuckle chase in which the ex-cop commandeered two different vehicles, authorities said. The pursuit culminated in what officials described as a wild shootout between Dorner and a state game warden.

The actions by alert wildlife officers may have set in motion Dorner’s last stand -- in a snowbound cabin, surrounded by police. The cabin burned to the ground, and authorities believe Dorner was inside.

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