Six Vacant Dwellings on Fire over three blocks in Detroit 9/18/2012

At around 9:45PM on September 18th, 2012, companies were dispatched to Hasse and Nancy Avenue for a vacant dwelling fire. First arriving company reported three dwellings going, and a short time later, reported an additional fire two blocks away in a dwelling on Lamont Street. A second box was dispatched to the scene; while enroute, a third box was requested for another vacant dwelling burning on Healy Street, located in between the two fires already dispatched. Due to miscommunications it was nearly 30 minutes before a third box alarm was sent for the fire on Healy. A total of six vacant dwellings burned, tying down 3 battalions and 17 companies in a three-block area of northeast Detroit. Despite low water pressure and a broken gas line, the fires were brought under control within an hour, and appear to be suspicious in nature.

Nancy & Healy - 1 dwelling
C8 E40 E46 L17 S1

Nancy & Hasse - 3 dwellings
C5 E35 E56 L7 L23 S3

Nancy & Lamont - 2 dwellings
C6 E60 E40 E30 L14 S2 Tac2