Diesel: from Russia with love

Russia says it will send a puppy to replace the police dog which perished in last week’s terrorist operation in Paris.

The Interior Ministry in Moscow says it is meant as a sign of solidarity.

K-9 Comrade: #RussianPolice sends puppy to replace fallen service dog #Diesel https://t.co/eAbtS6RhDQ #JeSuisChien pic.twitter.com/xFsVt1LrAP— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) November 21, 2015

The puppy, a female, is called Dobrynya, after a popular folk hero in Russian culture.

After Diesel, people are sharing pictures of other ‘dogs of war’ https://t.co/f5mgIAqHej pic.twitter.com/mT50ZZclA9— The Independent (@Independent) November 20, 2015

Russia donates puppy to France – to replace Diesel, the hero dog killed by jihadists https://t.co/m1hEEeN7ba pic.twitter.com/hlRfP5rvAc— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) November 20, 2015

Diesel the dog died in the raid on an apartment in the Paris suburb of St Denis where several militants were holed up.

There are calls for her to be awarded France’s highest national accolade, the Legion d’honneur, for her sacrifice.