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Mauser M1909 Arg cal. 7.65mm rifle walkaround

It was made in Germany for the Argentine Goverment chambered for the 7,65x53 cartrigde. 180.000 rifles and 30.000 carbines were bought between 1909-1914. Is a quite long weapon with the bayonet attached, almost 1.6 meters. That was in line with the tactic of the moment, charging the enemy trench with a blade at the point of your weapon. The carbine has a 57 cm barrel with a bent bolt handle and in far more easy to handle and shoot. This in particular is quite accurate with open sights, although not very pleasant to shoot because the steel buttpad in the stock. The rifle is Marked "Deutsche Waffen-und MunitionenFabriken Berlin" but given the enourmous work load of DWM at the time is likely to be actualy manufactured by one of his subsidiaries no other than Mauser Werke in Obendorf. Maker of the bayonet was Weyesberg Kirschbaum & Co. of Solingen

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