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Is America appraoching a defining moment as the country most associated with freedom and democracy.

These events are disturbing to say the least. It is clear that one of the factions driving this militarization of the USA are the corporations that sell them the gear and the services and manage the prisons and want to continue doing so.
Have Americans asked how much of there hard earned tax dollars are being redistributed to purchase this equipment and to line the
pockets of these corporations...
The question is where will it all end and how much as a free born man or woman are you willing to give away that was yours just by being born in as we are told the freest nation on earth.
There are 300million Americans how many could terrorists sent from a far away land harm ?
The odds are staggeringly in your favor of never being hurt by a foreign terrorist.
So if that's the case then why all the fear, why all the hype, why all the reading others gentlemen s mail....

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By: givemeadamnname
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