The Glorious Imperial Japan, Colonel Suzuki and thirty patriot of Burma independent volunteer army

It began in China civil war is prolonged 1937.
Western empire will now support the Chongqing government of Chiang Kai-shek in the automotive road leading from Rangoon of Burma with the Burmese route than 1940 Mandalay, to Kunming beyond the mountainous area of Yunnan through the Lashio.

So Imperial Japanese Army General Staff ordered a study of Burma root problem in Suzuki Keiji Colonel, Suzuki Colonel focused on Burma. Burma route was opened, and kneading the initiative to build a strong base here.;amp;amp;amp;ec_rate=230?ext=jpg
June 1940. Suzuki Colonel secretly infiltrate to Burma.
It was secretly in contact with the important person Takin-Kondomain and Dr.Timon of independent activists.
He promised them a Burmese independence support by Imperial Japan.

The Dr.Timon named as influential person, was Takin party militants Aung San.

Takin party to play a leading role in the anti-British independence movement is subject to severe repression, many of the members were hiding in the basement.
Aung San was one of them will be multiplied by the bounty, had escaped abroad.

Latent destination of Aung San is that's Xiamen (Amoy) of Fujian.

Colonel Suzuki from Dr.Timon obtain the face photo, to succeed after two months in contact with Aung San these two people.

Aung San was met with Suzuki colonel.
Readily agreed a united front of the Imperial Japan. This time, he was 26 years old.
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February 1, 1941 is "the South Organization (Burma independent activity intelligence group)" will be established. As Imperial Japanese Army Imperial Headquarters reports directly to the organization.

The first maneuver of south institutions, subjected to military training to Burmese of dozens of people, was to cultivate the military elite officers.

April 1941. Burma young 30 men who came to Japan, received a military training program in the Hainan Island and Sanya training center.In July 1941 military training of "thirty patriot" was completed.
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December 8, 1941, Imperial Japan declared war to the Western Empires.

Gathered Burmese ”Burma independent volunteer army (B.I.A)” was formed in the capital Bangkok of Thailand.Burmese volunteers enlisted Thai living in about 200 people.
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Imperial Japanese Army had crossed the border from Thailand to the beginning of the year.
Tavoy, to advance to the Toungoo, advance towards Rangoon.

BIA main force, the advance by tracing the course of the northbound.
By the full cooperation of local residents, it has been reached quickly to Shittan river that flows through the Burma Central Plains.Troops of the BIA was increased to about 2,000 people.

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March 8, 1943 Imperial Japanese Army has occupied the Burmese capital Rangoon.

To release the Ba Maw, which had been imprisoned in the prison as a political prisoner, he was appointed him to the secretary of the executive branch.

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August 1, 1943, Burma Declaration of Independence.

March 17, 1943, Ba Maw government minister and Interior Minister Takin-Miya Finance Department Secretary Tin Maung, Burma Defense Forces commander Aung San who came to Japan.
Attendance to the Greater East Asia Conference.

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August 1944, Imperial Japanese Army is defeated in Battle of Imphal.

March 1945, the Burma National Army that Aung San to command went to the Western Empires side. At the same time Aung San was issued a life-saving instructions of the Japanese.

At this time, the Min-On our three "thirty patriot" member has committed suicide. "I can not betray the Japan"
They kept the faith and reason to Japan.

Members Hachiro Takahashi lieutenant of South institution was left as a Burmese army adviser.

That is a member of Bo Zeya of "thirty patriot" is to arrest the Takahashi lieutenant, he spoke this way.
"We have decided to revolt reluctantly. I think sorry to you and Japan. Please somehow understood our distress."

Imperial Japanese Army was withdrawal in Shan Plateau to avoid a war with the Burmese military. Soon the Second World War "Greater East Asia War" was terminated.

Ne Win was the center member of the "thirty patriot" is invited Colonel Suzuki in Burma in 1966 after the coup.

In 1981 awarded Burma is the highest honor the "flag of Aung San Medal (Burma independence fighters)” to the Imperial Japanese military officer, praised the feat.

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Myanmar (Burma), the Armed Forces of the march, the warship March of the current also Imperial Japanese Navy is being used.


By: Masaki Miyamoto (56.20)

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