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FOX News Denies It Lies While Showing Bogus Protest Footage

Bill O'Reilly and reporter Mike Tobin cry in their cornflakes that Wisconsin protesters are chanting "FOX lies" and blame it on a secret organization of professional protesters who made "FOX News will lie about this" signs. In what can only be described as a self fulfilling prophecy, FOX then shows a clip of a violent altercation at a protest which was not even in the same state. So yes, FOX News will lie about this as it turns out.

The ongoing labor protests in Wisconsin have been relatively peaceful, with union workers and supporters rallying non-violently in opposition to Governor Scott Walker's controversial proposal to end collective bargaining rights for public unions.

Fox News Channel viewers, however, might get a different impression, thanks in part to footage that was not shot anywhere near Wisconsin. Monday night's episode of "The O'Reilly Factor" included video from a so

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