Police closed first IS Mosque in Germany

Raid in Bremen: Police closes for the first time IS mosque in Germany

Bremen presses ahead in the fight against the "Islamic state": With big police detachment a mosque and the households of 16 private individuals were searched . For the first time in Germany a supporter's association of the terror militia was forbidden.

Bremen - The police came after the Friday prayer and adapted itself to the habits in the place of action. When more than hundred Bremen application forces approached to a great raid in the mosque of the cultural association and family association Masjidu-l-Furqan in the part of town of Gröpelingen, there was a clear role subdivision: female officials for the women reserved rooms, male for the rest.

Also otherwise the officials paid attention to injure no religious feelings in spite of serious reproaches: The application of dogs it was renounced, besides, even greatcoats for her shoes had them, because in mosques ordinarily no shoes may be worn.

Under observation since 2007

The consideration for the religious customs had her reason: For the first time in Germany the authorities on Friday have forbade a mosque association because there propaganda for the terror militia "Islamic state" was pursued. The authorities wanted to avoid with the fact that her action seems Islam-hostile.

Senator of internal affairs Ulrich Mäurer of Bremen arranged the ban of the association because should have been glorified in the sermons in the mosque over and over again the jihad and Dschihadisten. Moreover, an important role could come up to the mosque association with the crossing the border of the fighters from Germany who join in Syria terrorist organisations like the IS or the Nusra front.

Only from the sphere of the salafistischen cultural association and family association eight men, seven women and eleven children have travelled up to now in the crisis region to join to radical organisations. The Bremen protection of the constitution observes the association already since 2007. This had itself originally from another mosque association abgespalten and developed according to appraisal of the Bremen authorities increasingly in the radical salafistische spectrum.

550 people left, 180 returned

The radical Muslims who leave from the federal republic to join in Syria or in Iraq to the jihad stand with the security services particularly under observation. Up to now about 550 people on this way have proceeded, about 180 have returned again. They could have become brutalised, so representatives of protection of the constitution and police authorities stress, radicalizes especially strongly and by the acts of violence on site.

The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) warned recently in an internal paper about posters of returned IS sympathizers. Indeed, those Dschihadisten which were hindered in the crossing the border in the war zone in the opinion of the authorities also show a menace potential.

In Bremen nobody was arrested on Friday apparently. Indeed, the households were searched beside the rooms of the cultural association and family association also by 16 private individuals. The police in Hessen had only recently found a storm gun of the type Kalaschnikow with a search of a Syria repatriate.


Bremen is a very lefty state and town, just saying.