USA fibbing about the boats that Iran grabbed. USA made to look silly.

The USA says that 4 fancy diesel engines, two radios and two GPS systems all went out at the same tome on two boats that have a maximum range of 240 miles that were making a scheduled trip of 285 miles and magically ran up on a 1/2 mile wide island some 55 miles off of their stated coarse because nether boat had an anchor to hold them from drifting off their path when their engines quit.

Incredible, but that is what the USA is asking us to believe.

Each boat has two 625 bhp DSI14 V8 engines, each driving its independent thruster. That means that if even one single engine of the four on the two boats could have kept running, than the one running engine could have towed the other boat and they could have made it back to friendly shores.

>"" Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook, the ships were moving between Bahrain and Kuwait when the Navy lost contact with them

So, Mr. Spokesman is telling us the both the boats radios broke at the same time. He is also telling us that the boats were making a journey of 285 miles if the boats went in the shortest possible strait line from the dock the left to the dock they were going to.

The wikipedia page says the boats have a maxim range of 240 miles. (moving half speed to save fuel)

But the Iranians are saying that it was a "navigation system error" and that is likely because all the engines and radios were in good working order when they showed up.


Aditionaly, while nether the USA nor the Iranians have made any noises about closing the Straits of Hormuz, all the shipping trafic is refusing to pass. The only time that has happened in the last 20 years was when Lloyds of London insurance agency gave notice that they would not insure any ship passing through when some one falsely reported that they had heard over the marine radio that the Iranians were closing the Straits.

Additionally, the French aircraft carrier was only a few miles north west of the island the US boats went to, and the US aircraft carrier was only a few miles south west of that island. The two boats are 49 feet long hunks of metal and show up on radar like a lightbuld. There is no way both the French and the US Carrier Battle Groups could have not known exactly where the two 49 foot boats were.


This whole incident stinks to high haven.

My hat is off to the Iranians for being so cool about the who thing.

The personnel who join the US Navy take an oath to protect the US Constitution. NOT to protect Saudi Arabia.