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TNT Found in Home of Iraqi Leader

TNT Found in Home of Iraqi Leader
Evidence Is Place on Maliki's Desk

BY ELI LAKE - Staff Reporter of the NY Sun

WASHINGTON The Iraqi general in charge of the Baghdad security plan and the Interior Ministry is pressing Prime Minister al-Maliki to lift legal immunity for 15 Sunni members of parliament and begin prosecuting the lawmakers for conspiring with terrorists, in some cases Al Qaeda.

On April 18, Lieutenant General Aboud Qanbar presented the Iraqi premier with CD-ROM dossiers for the Sunni politicians, including almost all members of the National Dialogue Front, a bloc of three parties that have sought to negotiate cease-fires with those remaining portions of the Sunni Arab insurgency that have not been subsumed by Al Qaeda. The discs on Mr. Maliki's desk include photographs, testimony, and transcripts of conversations as part of the evidence against the premier's poli

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