RPI student brutally beaten by Troy, New York Police Officers

By Carlos Miller - carlosmiller.com
A college student who was videotaping the aftermath of an altercation between another student and a police officer was arrested on questionable charges.

Nicholas Nigro, a student at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York, was charged with disorderly conduct and having an open container. He denied having an open container, according to the Times Union.

And it is not clear what constituted disorderly conduct because while the above video is not very clear, it is obvious that Nigro was not interfering nor yelling nor doing anything other than describing the incident that had just taken place between the officer and the studenet.

“His face is all bloodied up. When I came out they were hitting him with nightsticks,” Nigro narrates into the camera.

Seconds later, an officer storms up to him and orders him to get back inside his home. It doesn’t appear as if the cop even gave Nigro a chance to comply because the camera is then turned off and he is presumably arrested.

It is likely that Troy police were trying to clear the area of any evidence after having beaten a man senseless.

”He was down on the ground and they were taking turns hitting him three times in the back of the head,” Nigro said. ”One of the officers also bare-fisted punched him in the face and people were yelling at them to stop.”
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