General Suleimani is Leading the Assault in Deraa

A new picture of Qassem Suleimani , the Iranian General and Leader of Alquds Brigade, was released today. The picture is said to be taken at Deraa frontier where the SAA, HA and the Iranians are launching a huge assault to regain the territories which are under the control of Nusra (Alqaida affiliated group) and the 1st brigade of the FSA (organized, trained, and supported from Jordan, US, and Saudis). SAA and his allies made a huge break through and took control of several strategic hills and towns.
It is worth noting that Suleimani was the one who halted ISIS advance in Iraq, protected Baghdad the capital, and helped the Iraqi army regain control on several provinces. He also helped the Kurdish protecting their areas even before the coalition forces launched their first airstrikes.

Expect a huge defeat of the Nusra and FSA for Suleimani is regarded as a brilliant militant tactician. Whereever there is Suleimani, there is victory. Thats what his C.V has shown so far!