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Fort Hood FRAUD 2009; NO DEATHS - Confirmed by Records

The Fort Hood "mass shooting" of 2009 has been accepted as a real event for years. A careful look at real records, including the unaltered US Master Death File, tells quite a different story. NONE of the supposed 'deaths' in the database of victims appears to be real at all. The entire event - predecessor to the 2014 replay at the same military base - is now a demonstrated fraud.

Like nearly all other "mass shootings" of the last two decades, it is a politically motivated fake. In this instance, a reasonable guess is that it was meant as agitation propaganda against Muslims, to re-energize support for continued meaningless destabilization and wars in the Middle East. A second motive was likely the coming attempts to rob returning veterans, of their Constitutionally protected right to have firearms.

Added: Apr-24-2014 
By: livingonplanetZ
Citizen Journalism, Conspiracy
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