Uninsured Ex-Sheriff Who Fought O-care Struggles To Pay Medical Bills

Former Arizona county sheriff Richard Mack, a fierce opponent of Obamacare and a leader in the "constitutional sheriff" movement, is struggling to pay his medical bills after he and his wife each faced serious illnesses. The former sheriff and his wife do not have health insurance and started a www.gofundme.com/helpsheriffmack campaign to solicit donations from family and friends to cover the costs of their medical care.

"Because they are self-employed, they have no medical insurance and are in desperate need of our assistance," reads a note on Mack's sheriffmack.com/.

Mack, the founder of the cspoa.org/, suffered a heart attack in January and is in recovery. His wife fell ill late last year. Mack is on the oathkeepers.org/oktester/board-of-directors/#mack of Oath Keepers, a right-wing fringe group made up of police and military veterans, and is known forhttp://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/richard-mack-interview-human-sheilds in his standoff against the federal government. He is also an ardent opponent of Obamacare.