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A Very Real & Serious personal video of the Slow destruction of America

This is some random guy who lives in Long Island NY, and films daily life, and how it's changing for the worse.

This is from a regular American. Screw the manipulated news we see on the "main" media channels! Here's a direct, from the source, from the actual area, video of what's happening in America. This video is from Long Island NY.

WTF? Are the boarders open now? Are there no standards to immigration? Are we now in a society that will do anything for a buck? Sell out anything & everything for a buck?

Someone please tell me what's going on in America! Why have border patrol agents if these laws are not being upholded! who cares? lets all just grab what we can grab and get out?

wtf is going on with illegal immigration? is it legal, or illegal to come here outside of the legal system? who's enforcing the laws regarding this, if there are any?


Added: Jun-9-2011 
By: fobfob77
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