WTC7 -- This is an Orange

So do you believe what your are told or what you can actually see?
Question is, how could a 47 story steel frame modern high rise with concrete slap floors as observed by multiple video recording from the day came down symmetrically and in near free fall speed?
Symmetrically fall mean it largely kept it's square rectangular shape and profile coming down. This is significant because it means that all the load bearing connections on the 21 vertical columns would have to give way at the same time on every floor all the way down and be unaffected by the additional strengthened floors on 21-14-5 that were mechanical plant floors. Had this not happened or had the building due to fires or damage only to the south side as claimed the building would have been out of structural balance and tipped to the side like when a tree is felled and comes comes down
Free fall is significant because for a structure or and object to fall at that speed there would need to be zero resistance below AND in the case of wtc7, the below structure would have to get out of the way completely and pulverise otherwise 47 10-14 inch thick concrete floors should have been found pancaked and not just dust cloud as observed.