Germany - Frankfurt 2014: Police, Islamic extremists friend and helper

The German police or should we not rather go back to calling them Ordnungspolizei resumes an old bad habit of helping jĂždehadere.

Yesterday you could Frankfurt center of town answers to Main shopping street, die Zeil, witness how the police went way beyond what their mission is to invite an Islamic protesters into police loudspeaker vehicle so he could better shout the usual slogans you hear Islamic dominated demonstrations directed against all non-Islamic.

Phrases like "Child Murderer Israel," "Allahu akbar (God is great)", "La ilaha illa Allah (there is no god but Allah)" and "Takbir! (Erobring!)" came out of the police car's speakers as can be seen and heard on the videos here:


After the embarrassing videos have come out, the police in Frankfurt now been out with their version of the story is a little different from the Free Palestine group version.

According to a spokeswoman with the police in Frankfurt were the Islamic protesters initially be offered to talk reassuringly to demonstration train because already at that time should have been stone's throw against the police. In order to show "good will" allow the police so that he used policeman vehicle speakers to talk to the demonstration. Police talk woman said that they had allowed this if you had thought it would be misused. It remains we naively police caught up in yet another Islamic liar and is incredibly slow to get mikofonen out of the man's hand.!142335/