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articulated tracked carrier Russian DT 30p RESCUE BEAST AWESOME The
DT-30 Vityaz (knight) all-terrain tracked carrier was designed to carry
heavy loads over all off-road terrain, including swamps, sand and snow.
First vehicle was built in 1981 and small scale production commenced in
1982. It is also used for a number of civilian applications in rough
terrain. The original DT-30 is no longer produced. This vehicle has
never been exported outside the former Soviet republics. The DT-30
Vityaz has articulated configuration. The original DT-30 has a single
flatbed cargo body. Vehicle weights 30 tons and has equal payload
capacity. The DT-30P is a more usual variant with two cargo areas.
Vityaz has a fully enclosed forward control cab, which provides seating
for driver and four passengers. Engine compartment is located behind the
cab. The rear unit can accommodate a variety of bodies. In some cases
the rear unit can vary considerably from the front. Vehicle is powered
by a V-46-5 multi-fuel diesel engine, developing 710 hp. This engine was
developed from that, used on the T-72 main battle tank. Engine is
fitted with a pre-heater and can be started at -50°C. Tracks of the
Vityaz are 1.1 m wide. The DT-30P has a very low ground pressure. It can
even go through anti-tank mine without causing detonation. Variants
DT-30P Vityaz. It is produced since 1986. It has two load carrying
areas, one on the front section and other and other on the second
articulated unit. Vehicle is fully amphibious. On water it is propelled
by it's tracks; DT-30PM Vezdesusciy, improved variant of the DT-30P. It
is fitted with a more powerful YaMZ diesel engine, developing 800 hp and
has higher road speed and greater range. It's load carrying capability
is similar to the previous version; DT-10P Vityaz, smaller articulated
tracked carrier. It has a payload capacity of 10 t or 10 passengers,
including the crew of five. This vehicle also has narrower tracks.