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Bank of Israel unveils program to stimulate lending market

By Moti Bassok and Yuval Maoz
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The Bank of Israel yesterday announced a series of measures aimed at stimulating the local credit market, which is a euphemism for inducing the banks to lend more freely despite the uncertainty of the times. The moves are expected to increase liquidity and lower the cost of credit to banks, trickling down to businesses and households.

From January 2009 the Bank of Israel will reduce its absorption of surplus liquidity that it carries out through the issue of short-term bills (makam) - currently at a rate of some NIS 8 billion monthly. The move is to increase liquidity in the economy, and to alter the composition of liquidity within the banks. By reducing its issue of short-term bills, the central bank hopes to encourage diversion of short-term savings to other channels.

The central bank will also offer longer term


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