Hamburgs Green Minister of Justice Blocked Nationwide Hunt for the Muslim Terrorist who killed 12 people in Berlin

Another typical example of German left wing insanity was delivered by the Minister of Justice in the City of Hamburg Till Steffen a member of the green Party.
He blocked the public manhunt for the Muslim Terrorist Anis Amri via social media and other means by 12 hours.

His conclusion was that the right wing parties might write nasty comments about Muslims in facebook or twitter etc. below the official police postings. And since in left wing La La Land all muslims are by default the best people, negative comments about them and Islam must not be allowed ever.
Background Information

In Germany there is a new statewide law replacing the old one to enable the police to start nationwide manhunts by themselves. The old law required that the police must ask each and every federate state separately to allow that, the new law does not require this anymore. Hamburgs left wing senate does not have agreed to this new law and opposes it. Therefore Till Steffen was able to block the manhunt and only after a public outcry he decided grudgingly to allow it.

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